Congress Acknowledges the Benefits of Telemedicine in Medicare

It’s no secret that healthcare can be costly, and finding the right resources and care can be quite inconvenient. This is especially the case for individuals of rural areas. Fortunately, telemedicine makes the process of reaching healthcare services much more efficient and affordable, and notable commercial health insurance companies such as Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and others have become champions of telemedicine in Medicare.

“Payers Push Congress to Expand Medicare Telemedicine,” was published by HealthLeaders Media and outlines the efforts of health insurance companies to educate Congress about the benefits of using telemedicine in Medicare. Eleven of these commercial health insurance companies wrote a letter addressed to Keith Hall, the Congressional Budget Office Director, to share their collective data and experiences with telemedicine in relation to Medicare. The health insurance companies claim that telemedicine increases patient access to affordable health care and increases patient overall satisfaction. There are also financial benefits to harnessing the power of telemedicine, as the health insurance companies report that telemedicine reduces costs. The hope is that the shared data will encourage federal actuaries that expanding remote coverage is an affordable reality with telemedicine.

There are currently strict circumstances regarding the reimbursements of telemedicine in Medicare, but Congress is putting forth efforts to expand it. The health insurance companies have offered their experience and data to provide a better understanding of how telemedicine Medicare impacts a budget and offers better access to care, as the federal government has very limited exposure to telemedicine Medicare.

With Congress and the federal government on board with telemedicine, a revolutionized version of healthcare is imminent. The future is bright where patients have improved, affordable access to healthcare. Now, even individuals of remote areas have the ability to reach the care they need. This is part of the Mission of MEDINEXO. We believe that all individuals deserve access to affordable and convenient healthcare, and telemedicine is the future of this reality.