State of Digital Media Marketing Conference 2015 Takeaways

UMSL Digital Mindshare

By: Amy Cabanas

I attended the #UMSL Digital Marketing Media Conference 2015 at The University of Missouri St Louis on April 17th hosted by Professor Perry Drake. Professor Drake sure handled it and then some. When I arrived I was graciously greeted by well-informed volunteers that were able to lead me to my small swag bag and my agenda. I spent a little time walking through speaking to various companies, including people from CIC until it was time to head into my first break out session.

I choose “Marketing Yourself for That Ideal First Job” with Betsy Mack of Technology Partners. It was from 10:00am – 10:50am. I arrived at 9:30ish so my timing was perfect. As a motivated younger professional I felt this would give me an opportunity to learn more ideas on how to market myself better, and learn more about social media. 2Betsy began with introduction, then…

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